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Keep an eye out for our new updated website coming soon.

Will have a range of new and secondhand products available to browse online.

In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to visit us in the shop as we are still operating currently as normal as possible.

You can also contact us on (02) 6662 8265  or via email

VaporTrail Products At North Coast Firearms

We stock the VaporTrail range of LimbDriver Arrowrests and the Vaportrail Blade-X rest as well as VaporTrail accesseries. We also have the VaporTrail Custom String and Cable sets, these are available for either twin cam or single cam bows andin a wide range of colours. Contact us for any orders or for more information on any of these products

New Gold Tip Arrows In Stock Now

New Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce and Kinetic Pierce Platinum arrows are now in stock. They are a fantastic looking arrow and will be a great micro diameter arrow for hunting Australian game and also a very good target and 3D arrow. Both grades are in stock now, Kinetic Pierce are $194.95 and Kinetic Pierce Platinum are 249.95.

Also in stock are the new Gold Tip 9.3 Max and 9.3 Max Pro shafts. At the maximum diameter allowed for use in Archery Australia competition these will be great arrows for indoor shooting but will also be great 3D arrows as well.

Both shafts are in stock now with a vast range of components to suit them. These are added to our existing range of Gold Tip target and hunting arrows and components.

Gold Tip Arrows at North Coast Firearms

Gold Tip Arrows and components now available at North Coast Firearms Check them out in our online store or call for more details.

Excellent priced carbon shaft ideal for hunting or entry level target archers

Hunter Series
The sport of bowhunting can often lead to challenging situations and conditions.Gold Tip’s Hunter family of arrows provide the versatiltiy ot meet the demands of every level and challenge you may come up against. Providing speed, stability and strength, thanks to Gold Tip’s Smart Carbon technology, the Hunters have become the “go-to” hunting arrows for many thousands of bowhunters.

Velocity Series

Built for speed, the entire family of Velocity arrows ensures you get the most out of the technologically sophisticated speed bows offered by today’s leading manufacturers. Offering incredible durability and straightness retention, with less added weight, the Velocity line fulfills your need for speed.
Kinetic Series
For bowhunters looking for a durable, hard-hitting, small diameter shaft that still provides unmatched straightness retention, the Kinetic family of arrows meets the challenge. If you’re hunting larger game or striving to increase your accuracy in wind and inclement weather, the Kinetic shafts are engineered to deliver maximum kinetic energy.
Ultralight Series

Do you like speed? How about super tight weight and straightness tolerances? Ultralight Pro series shafts are ultra-light and ultra-fast with the same tight tolerances you have come to expect from any Gold Tip Pro Series arrow. Available in four spine sizes from 600 up to 300, the options for use with this shaft are virtually limitless. From domination on the 3-D course to 1400+ FITA scores, this shaft will not disappoint. SOLD SHAFT ONLY, ALL COMPONENTS SOLD SEPARATELY
Series 22
The Ultralight Series 22 Pro is a perfect choice for those 3-D archers who don’t want to pull the extra weight required to get the larger shafts up to speed, or just don’t have the draw length to make it happen. Built with Gold Tip’s unique 100% carbon construction and at only 7.3 grains per inch, it is one of the most popular light weight 3-D shafts on the market today. With and O.D. of 0.337” it is FITA legal and has been used by great archers like Brady Ellison to win a number of indoor FITA world titles. SOLD SHAFT ONLY, ALL COMPONENTS SOLD SEPARATELY


Welcome to our new website and our online store, check out or range of Shooting, Archery and Hunting equipment. More products will be added regularly so be sure to keep checking back, if you cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call or send us an email and we will endeavor to help you out.